How to Handle the Emotions of Buying a Home


By: Michael Cirelli

There is nothing quite like that feeling, you’re sitting at home waiting for what seems like days for your agent to call you and say one of the greatest phrases you will ever hear: “Your offer has been accepted!” Take a moment and let it sink in; you just took a huge step in the journey of home ownership. Feelings of excitement fill your heart as you think about the fact that you are under contract. This good news is followed by about 45 days of a roller coaster of emotions until you close on your new home.

What are your next Steps? There are 3 major next steps.

  1. You will have your future home inspected. You will want to be there, meet the inspector and let him educate you about the working components of your home. The next day, thoroughly read through this lengthy report. Minor to major matters will be addressed on your inspection report. Don’t fret – every home has issues. Every issue has a solution. Talk with your agent about how to address issues on the report. It’s customary for a seller to fix and repair matters addressed on the report. So relax. By all means, use the inspection visit to your home as an opportunity to remind yourself that this place is about to be yours!  Walk through the home, place your furniture in your mind’s eye. Have fun!
  2. Cooperate with your lender.  In order for you to be fully approved for a loan you will need to provide your lender with documents he/she requests. Do so in a timely manner because you don’t wish to delay your closing at all. Tax returns, W-2’s etc. are the type of documents you will be asked for. This process is called “going through Underwriting”. Helpful hint – Never quit your job while you are going through underwriting! Never buy a new car, recreational vehicle or spend a lot of money on a new purchase while going through underwriting as this most certainly will jeopardize your loan approval.
  3. Your lender will order an Appraisal. This process is the bank’s way of determining that your future home is worth the price you are paying for it. This expert assessment of the worth of your future home is also a built in safe guard for you, the home buyer, to rest assured you are getting value for value when you purchase your home.

This isn’t everything you need to know – but it’s the broad strokes. Your Glad Heart Realty agent will answer all your questions, keep you on target, and on your timeline to a successful close.

This is a great day! Relax, have fun and embrace the journey to home ownership.

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  1. says

    This is some really good information about buying real estate. I have been thinking about buying my first home soon. So, I like that you pointed out that I shouldn’t freak out if there are things that need to be fixed after the inspection. It is good to know that the seller will generally fix those things for me.

    • Glad Heart Realty says

      Hello Miss. Baker,

      Glad you found this information helpful! And yes you are correct in your understanding. In fact, a Realtor’s job is to do just that, negotiate on your behalf what you want the seller’s to fix before you buy. Give us a call any time and we can help you answer any more questions you may having about making that first home purchase.

      Glad Heart Realty

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