Why Buying a House is Like Falling in Love

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By Wendy Manaco

I have been thinking about why buying a house is so emotional.  You have probably heard that from the real estate professional.  I will meet with a person and will listen to their wants and needs, carefully taking notes so I can best serve them.   We will peruse the internet, looking for the house that meets their needs, has the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and basement.  I call these the non-negotiables.

The buyer will then tell me what their wants are, such as big yard, a deck, a front porch, prefer a dead end street, brick house, vinyl siding, no vinyl siding, small yard…. You get the idea.  Everything has to fall under the umbrella of PRICE RANGE!  So we usually have to be ready to let some things go.

I have heard this a million times “if we could just take this house and put it on the other lot”. It is a common problem.  We can look at 10 houses that have all the needs, but they just don’t have the mojo, the buyers are saying  “it’s nice…but.  I always want to give feedback to the seller’s agent after looking at houses, but sometimes all I can say is “they weren’t feeling it”; but great house.

I LOVE when we walk into a house and you can feel the buyer’s smiles, they are “feelin” it.  Now this house may or may not have all the wants and needs, but it feels good, like home.  I LOVE THIS!!!

It reminds me of the list I had for my future non-existent husband before we met.  I had a nice list of wants and needs, but let’s just say, the list went out the window on our first date.  I think he could have eaten the shrimp tails and I still would have fallen in love.  Oh wait, he did eat them.  I should have known then.  He was a lot of things I never wanted, like Italian, yuck, and tall, not my favorite.  He was just barely a Christian, so we got that one covered, had 2 kids, wasn’t too sure about that.

None of it mattered.  I was in love; it was emotional, a bit irrational.  Oh well it worked out.  I am a happily married woman with a big Italian husband.