Why Buying a House is Like Falling in Love

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By Wendy Manaco

I have been thinking about why buying a house is so emotional.  You have probably heard that from the real estate professional.  I will meet with a person and will listen to their wants and needs, carefully taking notes so I can best serve them.   We will peruse the internet, looking for the house that meets their needs, has the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and basement.  I call these the non-negotiables.

The buyer will then tell me what their wants are, such as big yard, a deck, a front porch, prefer a dead end street, brick house, vinyl siding, no vinyl siding, small yard…. You get the idea.  Everything has to fall under the umbrella of PRICE RANGE!  So we usually have to be ready to let some things go.

I have heard this a million times “if we could just take this house and put it on the other lot”. It is a common problem.  We can look at 10 houses that have all the needs, but they just don’t have the mojo, the buyers are saying  “it’s nice…but.  I always want to give feedback to the seller’s agent after looking at houses, but sometimes all I can say is “they weren’t feeling it”; but great house.

I LOVE when we walk into a house and you can feel the buyer’s smiles, they are “feelin” it.  Now this house may or may not have all the wants and needs, but it feels good, like home.  I LOVE THIS!!!

It reminds me of the list I had for my future non-existent husband before we met.  I had a nice list of wants and needs, but let’s just say, the list went out the window on our first date.  I think he could have eaten the shrimp tails and I still would have fallen in love.  Oh wait, he did eat them.  I should have known then.  He was a lot of things I never wanted, like Italian, yuck, and tall, not my favorite.  He was just barely a Christian, so we got that one covered, had 2 kids, wasn’t too sure about that.

None of it mattered.  I was in love; it was emotional, a bit irrational.  Oh well it worked out.  I am a happily married woman with a big Italian husband.

What are the steps to buying a house?


By: Wendy Manaco

This is a great question to ask a Glad Heart Real estate agent.  We are here to help and especially like helping first time home buyers.  This is a big purchase, probably the biggest financial investment you will make for a while.

The first thing we will ask you is if you have talked to a lender.  Financing the house is pretty important, there are many trusted lenders and you can apply online with most of them.  There is no fee to see if you can qualify for a loan, and it generally doesn’t take a long time to find out how much you can spend and what your monthly mortgage will be.

Now the fun starts!  Once you have that preapproval in hand it’s time to go house shopping.  Most  people  will be perusing the internet and looking at tons of houses already.  It’s fun!  We will set you up on an automatic email with houses that meet your criteria, such as location, bedrooms, garage etc.  Your professional Glad Heart Agent will make appointments and take you to view the homes.  In my experience the most you can see on one day is 6-8 houses and that can be exhausting.  It is all fun and games looking at the first 2 or 3, but then they all start running together and you are “which one was that now, I can’t remember that one at all”.  For this reason  4-6 would be a good start on the first day.  This gives everyone a chance to get an idea of what is really important to you and what you can live without.

Once you find that special first home, your agent will walk you through the contract.  The important questions being Price, Seller Paid closing costs, Earnest deposit, Closing date, Home warranty, type of financing and expiration date of your offer.   The offer will be submitted to the sellers agent and then onto the seller.  The seller may accept your offer as written or counter offer some of the terms or price.  Once all terms have been agreed upon, you are officially in contract!

There is a 10 day inspection window.  This gives you a chance to have any inspections done on the home, whole house, termite, and radon is what is typical.  It is always best to get to these right away, don’t wait 8 or 9 days.  At this stage you basically have another time of negotiation to ask for repairs or you can back out of the contract due to inspections.  You would be able to get your earnest deposit back in this case.

The appraisal is the next hurdle, but you are almost home free.  The appraisal is ordered by your lender to make sure the home is worth what you are paying for it.  If there is some repairs needed or the appraised value is less than your purchase price your agent will be going to bat for you to get this resolved.  If the appraisal is higher, which we all hope it is, you have instant equity in your home!

You should be in contact with your lender during this process.  They will be needing a lot of documentation, w2’s, paystubs, bank statements, blood type, and so on.  Just kidding on the blood type, but sometimes you will feel like, GEE!  What else can I possibly give you?  Be prepared to get a little frustrated with this part.  You will get homeowners insurance in place, get utilities turned on in your name, go to closing and break your hand signing 50 million papers, get your keys!

Then the fun really starts … MOVING.